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Dead Womb Dead Womb

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Just as I suspected.

I fucking KNEW it was you! You Cato motherfucker.

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Catoblepas responds:


What gave me away? Was it the Cato, you cunning cato-detective?

hi hi

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Fuck'n COOL.

I did an experiment with a Sharpie on plexi before, and it sucked compared to yours. Did you bump into the same problem I did? You can only fill in an area in a single pass, or the marker will actually lift the ink back off the surface, leaving it all patchy and ugly?

datamouth responds:

yeah. sometimes when i drew over the lines it would "scrape" them off. if you wait a bit for it to dry then you're all good. sometimes, when it would scrape it off, it kinda felt like the nib dried up. i kinda had to rub the nib on something "scrap paper" to get it moist again. but when that happened i just wait a couple of seconds and then it was ok to draw on it again. thanx for the 10!